It’s Thursday, it’s 100 degrees…

…it’s a great day to knit a coat 🙂

Downtown Knits in Apex, NC was the place to be today, where the A/C was on high and several knitters gathered to work on Sally Melville’s popular pattern, the garter stitch Einstein Coat.  The pattern is written for either a bulky yarn or a medium worsted weight.  I am knitting the lighter weight version as heavy-weight and North Carolina don’t go together, except for maybe for one day a year.

We call it our THURSDAY COAT because several of us have pledged to work on it only on Thursdays.   I’m hoping that means we will encourage each other to wear them only on Thursdays giving me a reason to knit 6 other coats for the rest of the week.  I am already itching to purchase yarn for a cute 3/4 sleeve jacket I saw in a recent Berroco pattern book.   But that little voice is whispering… “stay focused, finish at least some of your 8 other projects first”.

Here is my Thursday Coat at the start of the day…

The directions suggest attaching a pin to mark every 50 garter ridges (you need 191 ridges for the bottom of the coat), so that you don’t have to count from the beginning all the time.  Great idea – I’m all for time-savers!

And here’s my coat at the end of the day (taken inside the color looks WAY different)…

So far, I have knit 85 garter stitch ridges.  106 more and the lower half of my coat will be done.

Have you started YOUR Thursday Coat yet???


2 responses

  1. I love the color! And that is such a fun KAL 🙂

    1. Thanks – have you already knit the Einstein Coat? I’d love to see it finished!

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