Where have you all been?

A M A Z I N G how fast 7 months become a part of the past!

For anyone who has been wondering…

  • Did I fall off the face of the Earth or ill with disease? NO
  • Did I lose my mind or my interest in knitting? NO
  • Did I stop knitting? NO
  • Did our youngest son move out of the house to pursue his passion for hockey leaving Pete and I as empty-nesters ONE FULL YEAR before I was mature enough to handle it? YES 😥

My last post (in August) coincided with the days when Pete & I and our 3 boys converged in the same place at the same time – on vacation!

I wanted to leave my blog on a happy note…

(skip the blubbery 7 months that ensued while I pulled my adult self together)

…and return on a happy note!


For while my BLOG lay idle, my knitting did not…

My Sunflower Pillow has a back and is sitting pretty on my chair…

I knit and gifted a scarf from the KNIT NORO book using stash yarn. (Forgot to take a pic before wrapping & presenting it – you’ll just have to trust me on this one)

Finished my pink shell which I started while in the Keys…

My Ella Rae Pink Cabled Shell

Started and finished a modified version of the cross-over cardi (knit in Plymouth Mushishi).

Started, finished and can be found wearing this awesome short NORO jacket A LOT…

Received a gift of beautiful Saxon Merino Yarn, turned it into an equally awesome birthday present (fern lace scarf) for a friend.

Started and finished a cute little purse from a pattern I purchased on Ravelry.

Cast-on and quickly became addicted to knitting this Linen Stitch Scarf

I also took inventory of old WiPs hiding in various places around the house and uncovered…

  • 1-1/2 socks,
  • half of a cabled cardigan,
  • 3/4 of an open stitch pullover (back in style after ~15 years, but now way too small for me),
  • 1/25 of a Little Star kids pullover (in which the intarsia pattern is off-center)
  • 3/5 of a cream jacket from the cover of VK Spring/Summer 2008 – can’t decide if I should frog it or carry on

Work-in-progress count is holding steady at 15 projects, though it will likely increase to 18 as I plan to cast-on soon for the 3 remaining projects of my original 25.

My GOALs for the rest of 2012…

  1. Get back on track with the Master Knitter Certification
  2. Have another go at finishing my Original 25 Projects
  3. Make significant progress on 10 original designs (haven’t yet decided on the definition of “significant” :-))

Stop by OFTEN to see what’s knitting!


4 responses

  1. You’re back! You’re back! Hurrah, hurray! It’s understandable that kids leaving (whoever thought up THAT stupid idea) would throw a few things out of whack, but here you are again! Yippeeeeeee!

    1. I agree! And thanks for such a warm welcome back Laurie – You’re the best!!!

      I am looking forward to seeing what you’ve been knitting!

  2. Yay, it’s nice to see you back. You are my original inspiration for sharing and tracking my craft goals on my blog! I am intrigued by your linen stitch adventures.

    1. Thanks – I can’t wait to unveil the finished scarf tomorrow! I am already planning to knit several more.
      I will stop on by to see how you are progressing on your goals too.

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