My Thursday Coat continues to grow…

…but only on Thursdays!

You see I made this little agreement with myself that I would only knit it on Thursdays, which allowed me to name it my Thursday Coat.  It’s really the popular Einstein Coat from Sally Melville’s book, The Knitting Experience – The Knit Stitch.

So far, I have kept my promise to myself – even though I have been sorely tempted at times.   I know I could secretly work on it ANY DAY I DARN WELL PLEASE¹, but then I’d feel guilty about calling it my Thursday Coat.  And I think it’s a catchy name.

I hope to finish it in time for this fall.  One Thursday at a Time!

Why not start a Thursday Coat of your own? 

With all the Thursdays left in 2012, you could finish yours in time for Fall too!!!

¹My cat Custer – she thinks she’s the enforcer!  She was trying to block me from working on my Thursday Coat by laying on my project bag, but it definitely was a Thursday.  Stubborn thing – I had to show her the calendar before she’d move!


2 responses

  1. Happy, happy Thursday to you and your needles. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Thank you! And what’s on your needles today???

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