It’s Thursday and you know what that means…

…I’ve been working on my Thursday Coat!

The first sleeve of my Einstein Coat is started – yeah!

Keeping my promise to myself, I only work on this project on Thursdays.  So far I can proclaim that no knitting has occurred on this coat unless the calendar shows Thursday!  Since I don’t always have a lot of time for knitting on Thursdays it’s taking longer than I would like, but I hope to finish it in time to wear it this Fall.

Perhaps a Knitting Marathon is in order for an upcoming Thursday – Yes I like that idea!  Last year’s Knitting Marathon in February was very productive, so STAY TUNED – Knitting Marathon Date to be announced soon!

In the meantime…

Have you started your Thursday Coat? 

Jump on the bandwagon and finish yours in time for Fall too!!!


One response

  1. I love the idea of working on your project on Thursdays! Too often I get a little too – shall we say – obsessive compulsive about a project and work on it feverishly until done. I think my record was a ski sweater (adult size) I started one afternoon and finished the following day. Of course I also gave myself tendonitis and couldn’t knit for three months!

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