Knitting the field for the blossom garden…

…and what the heck does that mean?


You know how it is when you’re gardening – there’s all that PREP work that has to be done?  I just get so bored by it.  I know a lot of gardeners say prep work is part of the fun, but not for me.  Take me to the part where I get to pluck the bright, beautiful blooming little flowers from their tiny black square plastic greenhouse compartment, then gently set them into their new fertile expansive home, tuck them in with some fresh garden soil, water and then step back to admire.  That’s the part that gets me excited about gardening!

It’s kind of like that with this Little Blossom Cardigan.  Remember I decided to embroider all the little blossoms after knitting, rather than struggle with the tangled mess I was getting into trying to knit them intarsia style?  Well, once that decision was made, I was left to start preparing the empty field.  Lots of boring stockinette stitch, interrupted only briefly by a seed stitch border at the beginning of the back, fronts and sleeves.

I CAN’T WAIT to get to the planting stage!!!

But until then, I’m off again to prep the Cardigan’s garden.

2 sleeves to finish and 2 fronts to knit!


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