2 at a time…

…to save time!

Well, it may take longer than 1, but when I’m done, I’m done!

I love knitting both sleeves at the same time.  It’s nice to know that when I bind off, BOTH sleeves are done.   You’ve probably heard of SSS (second sock syndrome).  I call it second sleeve syndrome as well – it’s that feeling you get when you bind off the first sleeve and realize you have to cast on and knit the EXACT SAME THING AGAIN!  Not everyone falls prey to it, but if you do, you may want to try knitting both sleeves at once for your next project – it can be very satisfying.

4 rows until Bind Off, then 2 fronts – and it’s time to start planting the daisies on my Little Blossom Cardigan!


2 responses

  1. That really helps me with knitting fatigue! Thanks!

    1. Great – you know I also try to knit the 2 fronts for cardigans at the same time, so that I am matching up the shaping as I go. Otherwise if time has gone by between knitting the left front and right front i might miss some “tweeks” to the pattern that I didn’t write down!

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