Are you a clean-up as you go knitter, or…

…do you tidy up at the end?

Me?  Well I guess it depends.  If I am working on a sweater with gorgeous hand-dyed/hand-painted yarns whose colors reveal themselves as I knit,  I find that I have a hard time stopping for anything!

But USUALLY, I’m a clean-up as you go knitter because I tend to like things all neat and tidy.

Messes like this…

Little Blossom Cardigan with Loose Ends

Cause me to stop knitting and pick up my darning needle and scissors.

And turn my knitting into this…

Little Blossom Cardigan loose ends woven in

Ahhh – much better!

How about you?  What kind of knitter are you?

Well, I gotta go – it’s Thursday, so I have to find some time to work on my Thursday Coat!


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