Knitting on Thursdays…

…always includes work on my Thursday Coat!

Thursday Coat - Left Sleeve

First sleeve is growing slowly – but hey, it’s a lot of garter stitch!

And it didn’t help that I had to re-knit this sleeve 4 times to get my rate of decrease correct!  Ah, the power of the gauge swatch!  If you are a new knitter, trust me, it’s a great habit to get into!  If you’re not a new knitter, I’m not going to tell you what to do, but if you have time, read this little gauge swatch story and make your own decisions 🙂

Oh, and if you want to test your knitting will-power…

…Go get started on your own Thursday Coat!

What’s this about will-power you ask?  Well, when Thursday has gone by and you haven’t worked a bit on this project that you are SO excited to finish, you have to be disciplined and remember that you promised yourself to work on the project ONLY ON THURSDAYS!   

So – Do YOU have what it takes???


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