Severe Yarn Shortage…

…causes anguish in Raleigh!

Little Blossom Cardigan - Running out of Yarn

Local knitter expresses grave concern…

Will her earlier decision impact her ability to go on???   We caught up with Cheryl Marie to find out just how serious the situation was.  Here’s what we found out…

CMK News:  “What are the current conditions?”   CM:  Well as you can see the cardigan fronts are not done and supplies are diminishing rapidly.  I think my earlier decision not to knit the intarsia blossoms into the cardigan have had a huge impact on my current rate of cornflower blue yarn usage.  I’m not sure if my supply is going to hold up.  This puts me in a huge bind.  Local outlets are not likely to be of help as these supplies came from an older yarn stash.

CMK News:  “And your plans moving forward?  What will happen to the cardigan?”  CM: For now, I’m going to push through and do the best I can.  There’s a slim possibility I can redirect some yarn from what was allocated to seaming, but I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

CMK News:  “What’s the worst case scenario?”  CM:  (sigh) “I don’t want to do it, but I just might have to cut the sleeves.”

Check back for updated conditions!


2 responses

  1. OH NO!!!! That hapenned to me with the knit bag I designed! I had to make it into a large purse instead of a big catch-all. I hope you can find enough to finish it.

    1. Thanks for the empathy 🙂 You are not going to believe it but today on a whim I stopped at the LYS and they had 1 skein of the exact dye lot I needed! Talk about lucky – I was so excited!!!

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