Yarn supply crisis avoided…

…as one skein with exact dye-lot is located!

Rowan Handknit Cotton

Sometimes things DO go right!

I never thought I would be able to walk into a yarn shop and find this ONE skein of Rowan Hand-knit Cotton yarn with the EXACT dye-lot that I needed to finish my Little Blossom Cardigan; especially since my original purchase had been over 5 years ago!  What a lucky day – hmm…. perhaps I should go buy a Lottery ticket!!!

With the extra skein safely in hand, I can now turn my attention to completing the front and collar and move on to the embroidery stage.

Knitting Marathon is just 2 weeks away – are you gathering your projects for 26.2 hours of (mostly continuous) knitting?


7 responses

  1. I am soooo happy you were able to find the yarn! Can’t wait to work on the knit-a-long. I am already planning my projects and time, actually working on my meal plan so I don’t have to get up and feed the kids (it’s school vacation, so I will have all 3 kids all day long, asking “what are you making, whats for lunch, what’s for dinner” lol)

  2. Yay! That is some great luck.

  3. How was the lottery ticket plan? 🙂

    1. Well… I have to be honest – it stayed as just an idea. I never got around to purchasing one 🙂

      1. From time to time I buy one, but I have to be in a mood of whimsy. 🙂

        How’s the cardigan coming along? I loved the idea of making the pocket lining a different color. I just bought a new briefcase/tote. It’s black, but when when you zip open the main compartment, you’re blinded by bright pink. I love it!

      2. I am moving right along! Shoulders sewn together and I added the collar and the tops of the pockets. I have several pictures I need to post – hopefully later today!

      3. I think I will also keep it in mind for future projects – like you said it’s a nice surprise to open it up and have another color pop out at you!

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