It’s That Time Again – Time to KNIT, KNIT, KNIT…

…your way through 26.2 hours!

It’s 8:04am EST and the The April Knitting Marathon has Officially Begun.

I will be adding to my post throughout the day, so check in often & join me when you can!

Hmm… So many projects from which to choose – I think I’ll start with the T-Shaped Jacket from Filati Magazine, Issue #39.  It’s a short little open front jacket that maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to finish today!

So, here’s how the day is going…


8:04am – started with the T-Shaped Jacket


9:34am – First Break

3 sets of 10 push-ups to keep the blood flowing!

Jacket progress..

Drop Stitch T-Shaped Jacket (Filati Magazine Issue 39)

The left front of the jacket, including sleeve is complete.  From the looks of it, you’d think I was knitting doll clothes; but this is actually supposed to fit an Adult!  I’m just hoping that this Madelinetosh yarn will relax with blocking, like Ella Rae yarns do.   Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m not knitting this for my niece’s American girl doll 🙂 

(Not that I wouldn’t knit her something, it’s just that this is supposed to be part of my Spring wardrobe!!!)


9:58am – Back to the jacket!


12:23pm – Break time for some nourishment!

A quick steak and cheddar quesadilla (prepped last night to save time) to stave off the hunger pangs – Hey knitting really works up an appetite!!!

3 minutes to cook, 4 minutes to eat, then time to take some pictures of my progress…

Drop Stitch Jacket from Filati Magazine Issue #39

Hip Hip Hooray, I have cast-on the extra 4 stitches for the right front sleeve (on the LEFT in the picture)  

Now – 24 more rows and then it’s time to start the back.  Let’s get rolling!


1:13 pm – Back to the Needles…


2:44pm – It’s that time of the afternoon, when I require something like this…

Mocha Coffee Break

…to give me a needed boost!

And to keep my metabolism up I cranked out 3 more sets of push-ups.  Don’t laugh – I have A LOT to get done!   I still have the entire back + collar of my Filati jacket to finish.

I am really liking the Drop-Stitch pattern on this little jacket (emphasis on little :-))

Drop Stitch pattern

Right now though I’m going to change it up so I don’t get bored working on the same project.  I’ll come back to the jacket after my next break – I promise!

Here is a cuff bracelet I’ve been working on…

Knitted Bobble Bracelet

It’s based on a Ravelry pattern.  I modified it to be a little less wide, so that I could pair it with a few skinny bracelets and not have it take up my whole forearm 🙂  The blue-ish purple yarn is my provisional cast-on.


3:05pm – Back to knitting.  I’m taking it outside for a change of scenery – it’s a beautiful sunny day.


4:49pm – DING DING DING… It’s Dinner Time!

And I am happy to report that the bobble bracelet is done!

I managed to finish knitting, and then Kitchener stitch the 2 ends together in short order…

Knitted Bobble Bracelet

Kitchener Stitch on Knitted Bobble Bracelet

Completed Knit Bobble Bracelet

I also enjoyed the fresh air and took a few minutes to commit the spring blooms to digital memory…

Rhodedendrums Blooming

A Relatively quick dinner and then as promised I am returning to my Filati jacket…

Knitted Drop Stitch Jacket Fronts

Both fronts are done, now it’s time to connect them and work my way down the back!


5:29pm – Back to the needles.  Let’s GO GO GO!!!


7:30pm – Break for Exercise and…

…a snack-time decision – I have 5 more hours of knitting before I break for sleep. 

Which snack would you choose?

Cookie vs Carrots


It came down to what was going to be the most healthful choice.  And after looking closely at the carrots and realizing that they were old, I made the decision to avoid any adverse health affects that eating old carrots might present.  Additionally, I have read recently that coconut milk is really good for one’s memory and I think it’s possible the coconut pecan cookie may contain some of that healthy coconut milk.  And that would be in addition to the protein provided by the pecans.

So, my answer to the question in a picture…

Cookie Crumbs

That was one great coconut-pecan cookie!


8:08pm – That sugar boost should take me through the next couple of hours 🙂


10:28pm – Progress Report Time!

My Filati jacket is progressing a little more slowly now as there are SO many more stitches on the needles for the back.  Yes, I’m whining.  I was thinking I might finish the back before midnight and now I’m pretty certain that won’t be possible.

Drop Stitch Knitted Jacket from Filati Magazine Issue #39

Still I am moving forward and think I have a reasonably good shot at finishing it by the end of the marathon (Thursday, about 11:30am EST)


10:48pm – One last push before my 6-hour SLEEP Break…


11:38 – 11:42pm   A short break to respond to comments and check on others’ progress.

11:43pm – Contacts are out, glasses are on and I am STILL KNITTING 🙂

12:31am (THURSDAY) – Time to call it a night, post my progress and get a few winks in before the homestretch.

Here’s how I left the Filati Jacket…

Drop Stitch Knitted Jacket from Filati Magazine #39

Not the best picture but you can see that I’m getting close to finishing the back.   I think I have about 10 – 12 rows of drop-stitch and then 9 rows of garter stitch.

For Now – it’s Good Night to all – I will see you about 6:30am EST (about 6 hours from right now!)

12:58am – Off to Sleep.



See my STILL KNITTING post for the remainder of my updates!


Keep on Knitting Everyone – we’ve got lots to do!!!


8 responses

  1. Puh, lots of work for you today! My fingers are crossed for you and all the others who are joining the marathon. Good luck and happy knitting!
    Greetings from Austria

    1. Thanks Angelika – I just took my first break after 90 minutes of knitting. I’ll be posting pictures throughout the day. Now, it’s time to get back to the knitting.

  2. Hey Cheryl – I have been knitting off and on today – I only have gotten about 4 hours done today, as the kids are on school vacation. You are totally rocking it out today! Great progress!

    1. Thanks so much – it has been a GREAT day! I am already thinking about May’s marathon and I am not even done with April’s 🙂
      I think it’s GREAT that you were able to get ANY knitting done with the kids on break – GOOD JOB!!!

      1. I just posted my final update for the night. Check it out over at! Tomorrow I am tackling intarsia for the day.

  3. I haven’t been able to knit since Monday (overknit and hurt my left hand) … re evening food to sustain you through the last couple of hours of knitting — definitely fresh fruit … strawberries!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your injured hand! It must be hard to not be able to knit!!!

      1. Yup … it’s awful … I can too easily stress my hands so I tend to be uber careful with them vis-a-vis knitting. Otherwise I would have joined your marathon knitting!

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