How much knitting gets done in 26.2 hours…

…of mostly continuous knitting?

Here is a recap of my April Knitting Marathon

Hours spent:

  • knitting – 15 hrs, 50 mins
  • sleeping – 5 hrs, 40 mins
  • doing other (blogging, eating, taking pictures,etc) – 4 hrs, 42 mins

Lessons Learned:

  • Remember what your mom taught you and lay out your clothes knitting projects the night before!  (SAVES LOTS OF TIME)
  • Don’t drink 2 cups of coffee after 8pm if you plan on getting ANY sleep at all (or resign yourself to staring at the ceiling wondering why you are not just knitting instead of lying sleepless in your bed with bloodshot eyes)
  • Get ALL family members on-board beforehand and hint at how nice it would be if THEY were to prepare the meals that day.

Revelations Revealed:

  • No matter how much you prepare in advance, SOMEONE will need your attention during the time you’ve set aside – SMILE and take care of it; but make a note to interrupt them the next time they are engrossed in something 🙂
  • If you spend 5 minutes calculating how many rows you’re getting done per minute… you just missed out on that many rows!

Already looking forward to my May Knitting Marathon!!!


10 responses

  1. SWEET! Great job! I got about 2 more rows of the Potter bag done, and then we headed up to the mountains to hike. Got home, knit one more row, and my body is so tired from knitting that I wasn’t able to knit anymore.

    1. There’s always tomorrow 🙂

  2. Awesome! I love all the photos!

    1. Thanks! Knitting is keeping me sane these days 🙂

  3. Do you have a knitting marathon every month? Zxxx

    1. I do try to schedule one every month. It usually spans a Wed/Thur or Thur/Fri. I’ll post the May date when it is set. I’d love for you to join me next month! Have you done something similar?

  4. So what are you doing to treat yourself after this marathon? Spa weekend? 🙂

    1. Real Estate work! Actually a spa weekend sounds like a good idea – how about you?

  5. Cheryl, I’m not sure whether I like your blogging or your knitting the most…both are sooooo fun and so you. Thanks for the smiles and inspiration!

    1. It’s my pleasure always! Looking forward to seeing your new website!!!

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