So, did I tell you I finished my Drop-Stitch Jacket???

Well I did and here it is…

Drop Stitch Jacket from Filati Mag #39

I wore it to a 50th Birthday/Retirement celebration last night and it was very comfortable.

It’s perfect for Spring/Summer – just a little something to complete an outfit.  Light and airy so you don’t get too hot; yet enough of a layer to ward off any night-time chill.  If it weren’t for my April Marathon earlier this week, I would not have finished it in time for the party.  I’m already planning what to finish during my May Marathon…  Join me on the 23rd to complete one of your projects!

2 reasons I love finishing things…

1.  I have a hand-crafted item to gift to someone else or myself!

2.  I have a reason to cast-on for another project!

What are you waiting for???

Go FINISH something so you can START something!!!


3 responses

  1. Looks great … and a wonderful little warmth good to wear with summer dresses in the evenings!

    1. Oh most definitely – I just might have to go shopping for a new summer dress 🙂

      1. I’ve been forced to buy yarn to knit sweaters to match new buttons, so buying a new dress to match the sweater makes perfect sense to me!

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