A Bevy of Bobbles are on the Needles!

I couldn’t get to sleep last night and this is what happened…

Rainbow Colored Knitted Bobble Bracelets

Yes, you are seeing correctly, I CAST-ON FOR 5 MORE BOBBLE BRACELETS!

Call me crazy, but the yarn was staring up at me saying wouldn’t I look good as a bracelet???

So naturally I caved and cast-on.   Now it was late and my judgement was somewhat impaired which is why you are seeing all 5 on the same set of needles.  At 1 am, it seemed perfectly logical and efficient to put them on one set of needles.  My logic was that I’ll knit them all at the same time and be done with 5 in a jiff!

Well, after work today when reason was still with me, I realized how crazy that was as I am spending most of my precious minutes of after work knitting time UNTANGLING the lovely jumble of rainbow colored yarns 🙂

Which is why I only have this little bit of progress to show you…

Rainbow colored knitted bobble bracelets

If you want to jump on the Bobble Bandwagon, the pattern on which I based my first one is on Ravelry and it’s called “Not on My Watch Bobble Bracelet” by Amy Seeberger

I have since modified things to suit me and I now cast on only 5 stitches, which means  I knit 2 bobbles on the first BOBBLE row and then I knit only 1 bobble on the next BOBBLE row.  And then I alternate from there – knitting each row in between.

This bobbling is going to have to come to a stop soon though – I have many other projects waiting for their knitting turn!!


8 responses

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had some many things going on one set of needles. I bet this pattern would make a great coffee cozy too! 🙂

    1. You’re right – that is an awesome idea! Maybe when I get the rainbow off my needles!

  2. Oh dear, I think we may need to stage an intervention. 🙂

    1. That really made me laugh! No bobbles for me today or tomorrow as my work days are really long. But I hope to be back at it Thursday!

      1. I am experimenting with something and have a hunch I will be up late knitting crazily away.

      2. Oh FUN – can’t wait to see.

  3. Check out http://musecleio.wordpress.com's kumihimo beaded bracelets. When I saw them I thought of yours!

    1. You’re right with the beads added, the braided bracelets do remind me of the bobble ones!

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