With May’s Knitting Marathon just a few days away…

…I took stock of my Works-In-Progress.

Unfortunately (or fortunately :-)) this led to a panicked frenzy of casting-on new projects to be absolutely certain I would have enough available from which to choose during those 26.2 hours of mostly continuous knitting.

Now, I am pretty good at math and if I had paused for even a nano-second to calculate the number of hours it would take me to complete what I currently had on the needles, I wouldn’t have cast-on all of these extra projects.


Here’s what my recent casting-on resulted in…

26.2 hours of mostly continuous knitting – that’s a lot of time, maybe I should browse my pattern library again…

Well, maybe 15 Projects will be enough to keep me busy 🙂

Come on EVERYONE – go get your WiPs READY!


6 responses

  1. Hey, would it be ok to publicize your marathons on my blog? Let me know via ravelry if you wouldn’t mind, and maybe even would write a guest post about why/when you started them etc… ?? Zxxx

  2. I will be marathoning… with the kids in school this time, I am hoping for close to the 26 hours of total knit time! yeep! I am going to try to get my wip’s in to my ravelry feed – maybe tomorrow – I have so many projects going, that this will be a great couple days to get some work done. The best part? a group of us are going away to knit for a week on June 2 (I am only going on 2 sepereat 1 day visits) and I am ONLY bringing finish work!

    1. So excited that you will be marathoning this week! And then a whole week of knitting beginning June 2 – how awesome will that be!!!
      I have gathered most of my wip’s too so I won’t be wasting any time!

  3. I appreciate the reminder and the encouragement to cast on a bazillion projects (Boredom Is The Enemy is my motto)…but I have to say that I am flunking my year of ‘finishing’ (I need to find a dictionary and see what that word REALLY means), and haven’t even allowed myself one real knitting marathon. I live a deprived life. Sooooo, I’m going to block in time, at least some time, this week and I have YOU to thank for any knitting joy coming my way.

    I just bought a 30″ circular needle so I can use it with some of my new yarn and some old stuff to knit your amazing ‘scrap’ scarf, so I’ll try to get that one at least a good way started. We have some trips coming up (car and otherwise) so I’d better get myself prepared to avoid The Enemy.

    Thanks for your fun, fun, fun inspiration!

    1. Finish, Verb:
      Bring (a task or activity) to an end; complete: “straining to finish the job”; “we finished knitting our scarves”.

      May you have the ability to “strain to finish your scarf” by the end of your road trips 🙂 🙂 🙂

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