May’s Marathon is but a Memory

But here’s what I accomplished in those 26.2 hours in May…

Hours spent:

  • knitting – 15 hrs, 4 mins
  • sleeping – 7 hrs, 7 mins (the most I’ve slept in recent marathon history 🙂  I knit for an extra hour past the 26.2 to make it up to myself)
  • other (blogging, eating, taking pictures,etc) – 5 hrs, 1 mins

Lessons Learned:

  • Pick projects that are well on their way – I wasted time making major design decisions during my marathon time.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the group!  A poke from a friend’s knitting needle can help you stay awake.
  • Have snacks ready to go so you won’t wander aimlessly through your pantry during those I NEED FOOD times.

Revelations Revealed:

  • If you think you are doing something well, just look around at how others are doing things – there’s almost always a better way!  Fellow marathoner, Marcy in her Marcaritaville blog has a much better method of posting her progress, so I will follow her lead next month!!!
  • If you do the math you will see that pictures are worth MORE than 1000 words:  Time to snap, upload, format & post < Time spent trying to write 1000 words.  Show me the PIX!!

See May’s Knitting Marathon Details  for what a marathon day looks like in pictures, and then GET READY…

The Countdown to the June Knitting Marathon is ON!


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