NEW on my needles…

…another pattern from Filati Issue 39

Did I tell you I love this magazine??? I had marked about 12 designs that I would like to knit from this issue, THEN I picked up a new issue (Issue 42) and added 11 more to my list.  CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME A FEW MONTHS OF THEIR TIME?

I am currently working on this totally fabulous lacy jacket (model 30 in the mag)…

Lacy Cardigan

Who couldn’t use a jacket like this?  It looks great paired with the casual outfit shown and I think it will look awesome with a sundress or other summer outfit as well.

I have finished the back (not yet blocked)…

Filati Magazine #39 Model #30 Cardigan Back

And have started the sleeves…

Filati Magazine #39 Model 30 - Start of Sleeves

So why DID I cast on this project when I still have plenty that need finishing up???

Answer:  I’m a knitter 🙂

Speaking of my Works-in-Progress… 

…the fact that I have so many is why I try to schedule a monthly Knitting Marathon.  The opportunity to move at least one project to the finished column is very compelling.  This month I’ll be working on my yellow cardigan – I hope to be wearing it by the end of the marathon!

After several days of 100+ temps, it’s cooling down to 93° F today – a PERFECT day to KNIT (inside) 🙂


2 responses

  1. Where did you get your Filati 39 issue? I’ve been trying to find it online and no luck.

    1. Wow – I tried online too and had no luck! I purchased mine at my LYS (Downtown Knits in Apex, NC), but since then I’ve seen the Filati magazine at the newstands – but the only the current issues of course. If you really really wanted it, I think you could probably order it through one of the German online shops. I saw a link to the online shops on
      I did get the most current issue and i love it as well! I know Jimmy Beans Wool online shop carries their magazines, maybe if you called them they would be able to point you in the right direction!
      Let me know if you have any success!

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