Thursday Coat Update…

Only 1 Thursday remains until the ONE YEAR mark!

The first sleeve is complete…

Thursday Coat (aka Einstein Jacket)

And the second sleeve is started…

Thursday Coat (aka Einstein Jacket)

Last year when I made this agreement with myself to only knit this project on Thursdays, little did I know it would take me at least a year of Thursdays to finish it up!  In my defense, even though Thursday is my normal day off work, I haven’t always had time to knit!

If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve been able to knit maybe 1/3 of my available Thursdays.  A bit of quick math tells me that’s about 17 days.  Not too shabby considering my Thursday Coat represents A LOT OF GARTER STITCH (aka boring) knitting 🙂

To keep things all neat and tidy and finish up in ONE YEAR, I have ONE THURSDAY remaining. With only 24 hours in the day and a whole sleeve of garter stitch remaining, it’s going to be a long-shot.  But as you know, I LOVE a challenge!!!

This Thursday – July 12th you know what I will be doing!!!


2 responses

  1. Knit you’re brains out Cheryl! You can do it (or paralyze yourself in the process). Never give up. Never say die! Leave it all on the court…does that help?

    1. Why YES as a matter of fact it does 🙂 You’re the best motivator! I am gearing up for a full day of knitting til the sun goes down. And I won’t give up until the last garter stitch is knit! (or I pass out, whichever comes first)

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