Embarking on Whole 30 Program…

…leads to a spike in knitting production!

Just what is this Whole 30 and how does it relate to knitting???

The Whole 30 is a different way of eating than I am used to.  Basically, you eliminate inflammatory foods like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes from your diet for 30 days.  NO CHEATING NO EXCUSES NO KIDDING 🙂

It’s just 30 days of eating foods, like meat, seafood, eggs, tons of veggies, some fruit and lots of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds.  Oh… you mean a Paleo diet!  Well I guess that’s what some people would call it.  I had never really paid attention eating types  – but if I had to name mine, I would have called it “the eat whatever I damn well please, then run enough to balance it all out” diet.

I did okay with that but I was going through a phase of feeling tired all the time (unless I was knitting), so I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what this was all about.  Especially since my friend had such great success with her 30 days that she has started on a SECOND 30-day run. 

Her success:  Lost 22 pounds, never felt hungry after the first week and had more energy!   SIGN ME UP FOR THAT! 

Now here I am at Day 3 of my 30 days and so far I can say that…

  • I already don’t feel hungry
  • I do have more energy
  • I am thinking that 30 days is a LONG time to go without cheese

So this is where the link to knitting comes in…

I decided that if I have to fore-go many foods I like (e.g., cheese, chocolate, wine, cheese, bread, did I say cheese?), for an ENTIRE 30 DAYS, then I need to put an “anti-cheese” strategy in place.  So, I envision reaching for cheese and having someone (myself in this case), place a knitting project in my hands instead.  Voila – knitting production spikes and I can gut it out (without cheese) for 30 days!!!  Genius 🙂

Here’s what my craving for cheese turned into yesterday…

Filati Issue 39 Model 30 Sleeves

GREAT PROGRESS on the sleeves for my lacy cardigan from Filati Issue 39, Model 30!

If you are interested in finding out more about The Whole 30 there are books and cookbooks you can purchase, but here are some great FREE sources of info…

I’ll keep you posted on my knitting production through the rest of the 30 days!


4 responses

  1. Cheese is the reason I could never be a vegan. I think I could give up everything else, but not the cheese.

    1. I concur! And there are so many many many great cheeses to enjoy 🙂 If I do indeed knit every time I crave cheese this month, I’m going to end up with a whole wardrobe filled with new knits 🙂

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