A Year of Thursdays leaves me…

…just short of a second sleeve.

I tried.  I really did try.  But at 11:39pm I threw in the towel and gave up the fight.  During the day, I had to re-direct 4 hours of my day off to a work appointment, so if I needed an excuse, there it is, I’ll take it 🙂

Bottom line:  I came up 32 garter ridges short of finishing!

Thursday (aka Einstein) Coat Progress

Here is where the day started…

Sleeve progress at the start of the day

And here is where it ended…

End of day sleeve progress

If I finish next week, I will have spent 18 Thursdays on this project (I was only able to knit about 1/3 of the Thursdays during the year).   The best part is that unless the i-cord edging throws me for a loop, I will be able to wear my Thursday Coat come Fall! 

But only on Thursdays 🙂

Thinking about my next Thursday Only project.  Hmm, maybe this Debbie Bliss Snowflake Sweater I’ve been wanting to knit…

Bold Snowflake Jacket


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