How to Prepare for a Knitting Marathon

To get the most out of 26.2 hours of knitting…

  • Clear your schedule and inform household of your intentions – this may need to be repeated frequently until the day of the Marathon
  • Create an upbeat Playlist – key for supporting furious bursts of knitting or impromptu dancing to get the blood flowing after long bouts of sitting.
  • Pick 2 or 3 projects on which to focus – the goal is to FINISH SOMETHING.
  • Plan family meals – to help discourage interruptions by hungry household members who on marathon days forget that they are perfectly capable of preparing their own meals.
  • Purchase snacks ahead of time – absolutely necessary for a productive marathon.
  • Invite crafty friends to join you – camaraderie helps as you reach the 10+ hour mark!

JOIN ME Wednesday July 18th at 8am EST and let’s get ready to KNIT…

…A LOT!!!


2 responses

  1. Gosh, i wish i could. My two year old son is almost at the age where he doesn’t need me by his side all day and night but theres another baby coming in September so it will be a few years before i find peace and quiet once again. I like your idea though! Its great for people like me who start a million project but don’t finish one xP ill be following!

    1. What an exciting time for you! I remember those crazy busy days – I have 3 boys who are close in age! Funny but they remember the “click-click” of my knitting needles so I guess I was able to knit SOME times 🙂
      Happy knitting to you whenever you can fit it in!

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