July Knitting Marathon – Update #3

Official Start Time – Wednesday 8:47am EST

A fork in the road…

A funny thing happened Wednesday afternoon in the middle of my marathon – LIFE dropped a fork in the road and I took it  🙂

Our middle son who normally works on Wednesdays, got the day off and so was able to play his team’s double-header baseball game.  Usually he can only play on the weekends.  Well, I had to choose between continuing with my marathon or going to watch him play baseball.  Our three boys are at that transition age (18-22) when I just don’t know how many more opportunities like this I will get, so time with them trumps knitting for now!

My reward:  I got to see Chris hit a home run – well worth putting the needles aside for the afternoon and evening 🙂

I also decided that I could just pick up where I left off on Wednesday by pretending that today (Thursday) is actually still Wednesday.

So, here I am continuing with my marathon progress…

1:o9pm – Dropped in at Downtown Knits in Apex, NC, where I continued knitting the left front of my Filati cardigan

3:15pm – Time to leave my knitting friends at Downtown Knits and re-convene at home.

Made great progress at the shop and I am excited to say I am almost finished with the Left Front…

Filati Magazine 39 Model 30 Lace Cardigan

Enough progress that I was emotionally ready to rip back the sleeves which I was having trouble with…

Filati Magazine 39 Model 30 Unraveling the Sleeves

6:15pm – Dinner time!  Knitting really works up an appetite 🙂

7:08pm – Staying with the Filati Cardigan

Back to my KNITTING!


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