Roadtrip Project Indecision

A 10-hour drive later today means some planning this morning.  As in, what WIPs shall I bring???

These are some of the projects I have to choose from:

  • Little Blossom CardiganNO.  Still can’t bring myself to trade knitting time for embroidery.
  • Nantucket Brocade SweaterMAYBE.  I’m not sure if the yarn is a good match for the pattern, so this one may get ripped.  Don’t want to risk adding more to rip!
  • Winter Windows Silk Scarf MAYBE.  But I’m feeling kind of scarfed out right now.
  • Snowflake CardiganNO.  I don’t like doing color-work in the car
  • Elfine SocksYES, YES, YES.  I love socks for car rides.  They are so compact and since they use circs, I don’t have to worry about dropping my needles in the car and trying to fish them out from between the seats.
  • Reflecting Pools BagNO.  Don’t have a washing machine in the car & this one is ready to be felted.
  • Cable Frog-Closure CardiganMAYBE.  I’m not thrilled with the color of this one, so bringing this one could be a waste of time.  (If I had finished it 8 years ago when salmon was “in” I’d be more excited about this one).
  • A NEW PROJECT??? I do have some stash yarn that’s been calling to me lately 🙂

As much as I want to pick just 1 or 2 projects, that inner voice keeps whispering “bring them ALL – you just never know”…

… Like what if the car breaks down and we are stuck miles away from civilization and Pete has to hike for hours to the nearest city while I stay (to protect the car) and KNIT.   And since it takes so long, I finish the 2 projects I brought and so I’m left to do things like:  clean out the glove box or read the owners’ manual???

Coming to my senses I think, “yeah right, what’s the chance of THAT happening”?   And then Inner Voice whispers, “but what if???”

I’ll go pack them all – just in case!


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