NEW on my needles…

…another pattern from Filati (Fall/Winter 2012-13)

The new project I mentioned on my Road-trip post is this beautiful Lana Grossa cable/lace sweater with 3/4 sleeves.


Although I was only able to eek out 6 rows on my Road-trip, I can tell I’m going to like this sweater.  I’ve made it a definite selection for my Thursday Marathon.

Here’s my progress so far…


Hmm, I wonder…

If I was able to work on just this project for the entire 26.2 hours, would I be wearing it at the end?  No, that’s not likely.  But it wouldn’t hurt to try!  Great, my main WIP is selected.  Now to choose a backup project for those “just-in-case” scenarios, like

What if…

  • I finish the entire sweater and I still have 20 hours remaining?
  • I start getting sick looking at the same color yarn for 20+ hours?
  • I knit the entire back and after measuring it turns out to be just the right size for a much smaller version of myself?
  • I make a critical error that I don’t notice until I’ve knit past it for 12 hours and I can’t bear to rip it out (yet)?

So, off I go to gather a few  all of my other WiPs for those just-in-case possibilities.  The thought just occurred to me that knitters are a bit like girl scouts:  ALWAYS PREPARED!

Speaking of my Works-in-Progress… 

The fact that I have so many is why I try to schedule a monthly Knitting Marathon.  The opportunity to move at least one project to the finished column is very compelling.  Join me on Thursday and maybe you will be wearing a new knit by the end of the day!

Shoot for the Moon.  Even if you miss you will land among the Stars!


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