What’s on Your Needles???

Me?  My projects total 16!

One of my January Goals is to complete 2 current projects, so being an excel girl, I threw together a simple spreadsheet with my projects and a date by which I’d like to finish.  Click here to see a list of links to my projects on Ravelry.


Looking at my notes you will notice that I seem to be ripping as much as I’m knitting!  At first I thought WOW, this is a major flaw that I need to work on, then I realized WOW, I am a savvy money manager… getting twice as much knitting pleasure out of every yarn purchase!

For Thursday/Friday’s Knitting Marathon, I’ve already selected the Cable/Lace Sweater as my main project and my backups will be the Winter Windows Silk Scarf and Easy Lacy Rib Scarf.  Everyone can use a couple more scarves in their closet!!!

Winter Windows Silk Scarf…

Winter Windows Silk Scarf

Easy Lacy Rib Scarf…

Easy Lacy Rib Scarf

In my dreams I will complete at least one FO by the end of the marathon; however all 3 of these projects have quite a bit left on them.  I will be ecstatic with significant progress on each!

Well gotta go, gotta knit!


2 responses

  1. I love the spreadsheet! I’m a monogamous knitter myself because it stresses me out to have all those unfinished projects but I still envy those who get to move from project to project at a whim.

    1. I think I would LIKE to be a monogamous knitter which is why I will try to schedule a knit-a-thon each month this year. However I’m not sure I will be able to reduce my WIPs to less than about 5 – but that will be much better than 16!!!
      Will you be knitting tomorrow? I’d love to hear about your progress if you do.

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