10 hours of Mostly Continuous Knitting…

…and I’m happy to report that I’ve done more knitting than ripping!

5:10pm – The Cable/Lace Sweater is progressing nicely, although I won’t be wearing it by the end of the Marathon (unless I want to be picked up for indecent exposure) 🙂


A quick snack to fuel the last push before dinner…


My favorite coffee cup!!!  My available knitting time has increased dramatically since I’ve started taking my morning coffee in this mug 🙂

5:19pm – Back to the sweater – New Goal: Bind off the front before I retire for a few hours sleep!



2 responses

  1. Dear Cheryl,

    Thanks to you (hang your head here or take a bow, whichever you choose), I am about to cast on a challenging but beautiful cardigan, rework one project into another, and try to finish a third by the weekend. You are inspirational and DANGEROUS (and I love that you are NOT boring). My needles thank you and we both wish you a great night of knitting.

    1. Laurie – I can’t wait to see your work – your choice of colors/patterns are always fantastic! Thank you for your encouragement and I wish you a WONDERFUL WEEKEND OF KNITTING! Go – For – It!!! Can’t wait to see you wearing your newly knit creations!

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