7 hours into my January Knitting Marathon…

…and the rows are adding up!

2:05pm3 hours, 32 rows and 1 PB&J sandwich later, I am back from knitting with friends at Downtown Knits in Apex, NC.


Turns out camaraderie really does make the knitting more effortless.  Of course it helped that I put down my Cable/Lace sweater and brought 2 projects that require much less attention to detail!

Cable-Cross Vest – 26 rows complete (now ready to bind off for right front armhole)

Easy Lacy Rib Scarf – 6 rows complete (still a long way to go)

2:31pm – My morning Ripping session just a distant memory, I am ready to get back to the Cable/Lace Sweater




2 responses

  1. All that since the beginning of January??? I’m impressed.

    1. Jenny – I wish I could say that all my WIPs were started in 2013, but alas those 16 projects represent some that were started many years ago! Several are 2013 starts, but I have so many more projects I wish to CO for that I want to get some of these other WIPs finished up or frogged or wherever they need to be so that I can CO about 10 more!!!

      Thanks for stopping by – I hope you’ll join me next month for my February Knitting Marathon!

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