Knitting Marathon travels off site…

…to an evening meeting!

6:55pm – So, what happened was… I forgot about this meeting until an email reminder arrived in my inbox yesterday.  Since I had already scheduled my marathon re-arranging all my other commitments, I decided to be adaptable and bring my knitting to the meeting!

7:00 to 9:05pm – Easy Lacy Rib scarf lay silently in my purse waiting to be retrieved and knit upon.  But it was not to be!  I was asked to take minutes in the absence of the secretary and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to take minutes and knit simultaneously.   Ah well, it was a good meeting, much got accomplished but not a row was knit.

It may be time to bring in reinforcements…


Ahhh… that should get me through the next few hours!

10:01pm – Back to the sweater! My goal of binding off the front before closing my eyes for a few hours sleep is slipping out of my hands.  But wait!  Perhaps I will be able to bind off before the 26.2 hours comes to an end tomorrow at 9:23am!


11:48pm – Bleary eyed and headed to bed!   I will dream of finishing the front of my cable/lace sweater.  🙂

7:01am – Good Morning Everyone! My goal of binding off the front was just a DREAM – but it was good nonetheless!   So good in fact that I pressed the snooze button a few times more than I should have – oh well, perhaps I will just tack on a few extra hours to my planned end time this morning.  I don’t think anyone will notice 🙂



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