Stumbling through the Finish Line…

…of my January Knitting Marathon!

8:08am – How to tell if you’ve had too little (or too much) sleep…


Spend an hour or so knitting away, only to realize you are knitting a second RIGHT FRONT instead of a LEFT FRONT like you were supposed to!  Three thoughts immediately spring to mind…

  • Pick up the knitting and casually TOSS it across the room screaming out in anguish for time that was wasted.
  • Slowly slide the needle out of the stitches and smile ruefully as each knitted stitch is ripped, watching carefully as the hard work piles back up into yarn, thinking, “I meant to to that – yes, that was a reminder lesson to re-read the pattern each time I pick up a different project”.  After all, if you learn a lesson it is time well spent!
  • Pour myself a bigger cup of coffee and add chocolate AND whip cream AND peppermint AND open the box of Frango chocolates (even if it is still morning) and savor the goodness of chocolate.

Hmmm… I choose option #3


9:05am – Did you notice my break was longer than usual?  I was busy learning my lesson and savoring my chocolate 🙂

All better now, I will knit the cable/lace sweater for the remainder of my Marathon time.   Check back later for my final update!



11:10am – Official end to my January Knitting Marathon!   Although I did not bind off the front of my Cable/Lace sweater,  I am nevertheless pleased with the results.  I am much farther along than I was yesterday AND I have 4 projects that I will have a much better shot at finishing during my February Marathon! 🙂

Couple of other notes:

  • I have changed the name of my Cable/Lace sweater to:  Cheryl’s Valentine Sweater – a subliminal command to my brain to finish it prior to Feb. 14th – pretty smart, eh?
  • Nary a row was knit on my Winter Windows Silk Scarf – and as I looked at it over the last 2 days, I believe it was telling me it wants to be a different scarf 🙂  I’ll elaborate in tomorrow’s post.
  • Ripping CAN be therapeutic, as long as you have plenty of chocolate on hand!

So long for now and happy knitting to all!


5 responses

  1. “Casually” toss the knitting across the room? While screaming in anguish? I don’t think I could manage a casual toss in that situation.

    1. Yes, I see your point! 🙂 I think I would have felt much better if I just wrote that… I FLUNG the knitting ANGRILY against the wall, like I actually did 🙂

      1. That’s what I thought… 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha! So sad but SO darn funny! 🙂

  3. lol. I can totally relate!

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