Love is BLIND…

or will be by the time these socks are done!

Today, I cast-on a pair of socks for the love of my life.

And seeing as they are a special gift for a special person, I decided to pull out all the stops and knit a gauge swatch first.

So, I broke out my double-pointed TINY size 2 needles and dutifully cast on 30 stitches for a proper gauge swatch.  And then I started knitting.  When I had enough rows knit to test the firmness of the fabric…

the pattern indicated (and I suppose all good sock knitters already know this) that the knitted fabric should be extremely firm to ensure that the socks will wear well


Well, it was pretty plain to see (after I got out my magnifying glass) that my knitting probably wasn’t firm enough.  So I pulled out my package of sock needles (in sizes 000 to 2) and spilled them out on the counter.  I picked up the 0’s which felt more like pins than knitting needles, and proceeded to knit several more rows.


Not that I could see it very well, but the result FELT like it was a firm enough knitted fabric.  It had to be –  if I used any smaller size needles, it would necessitate knitting under a microscope.


I made the best attempt I could to count my stitches per inch, and came up with 8.5.  Multiply that by the 10″ ankles I’m knitting for and that gives me 85 stitches.  But since I had to round up to the nearest multiple of 4, my cast on number became:  88!

88 teeny tiny stitches cast on for the first sock for the love of my life

Only 29 days until Valentine’s Day – not sure if I can knit enough between now and then to produce 2 socks, but I’m going to give it a try.  Like I said, LOVE is BLIND, or at least will be by the time these socks are done 🙂

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


3 responses

  1. i always feel a bit of an extra thrill knitting something for my true love. especially when he knows how much effort it is. love the colourway by the way!

  2. Does he REALLY need two? By Valentine’s Day? When is his birthday? Whew! You are a stalwart wife.

    1. Haha… I suppose I could knit one for Valentine’s Day and the second for his birthday 🙂 but that’s not until November. Well… he probably won’t be wearing them much until then anyway! Great idea – you are brilliant!!!

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