I ♥ being sick…

especially when I have a knitting deadline 

POOR ME – Too sick to work, I had to sit in bed ALL day with a cup of tea, honey and lemon to sooth my throat.  But since I was just “sitting there” I figured I might as well knit.  

Isn’t there a saying that goes, “knit a cold, starve a fever”?


While I wasn’t up to my usual knitting speed, it’s amazing how many teeny tiny sock rows can be knit in between coughing fits in an 8-hour day of illness…


BRING ON THE SICK DAYS – is this what they mean by LOVE SICK???

Because these socks are a surprise for Pete, I couldn’t measure his ankles (he’s a light sleeper), so I went with the very forgiving 2×2 rib pattern.  They should stretch nicely to fit, I HOPE.  Otherwise I’ll be running after my three boys with a measuring tape to see whose feet they’ll fit!


We’re down to 28 days until Valentine’s Day – if this cold hangs on, I just MAY be able to finish 2 socks for Pete.  Of course if I recover quickly I may have to use Laurie’s idea and give him 1 sock for Valentine’s Day and the second for his birthday! 

That’s it for now from this LOVE SICK knitter…

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


4 responses

  1. you are too funny! i wonder if i’m contagious… here’s to a not-too-speedy recovery 😉

  2. OK… Second attempt – my first comment didn’t work! lol

    A little sock advice – I have become an avid sock knitter over the past 8 months, making 9 or 10 pairs now. Get the small circular needles. They make a fabulous 9″ (I think it’s 9″) wooden circular in sizes 0-3. IT made all the difference in the world. My hands were able to knit longer, my stitches were far more even, and it is just so much easier.

    Call your lys and see if they have them. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for the tip – i will be looking for those needles today!!!

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