Love is spending your precious knitting time…

on someone other than yourself

Today, I continued to work on the Valentine socks for Pete. 

Here is the heel flap started…


Here it is ready to be turned…


And, here is the “turning of the heel” (see my techniques page for helpful sources, but the basic premise it that you start with the middle stitches of the heel, leaving X number of stitches on either side and as you knit back and forth, you either SSK or P2Tog with one of the side stitches until all side stitches are used up – if you follow your pattern step-by-step you will find yourself turning a heel in no time!) …


And the heel turn is complete…


“Go forth ye beginning knitter and tremble not, the turning of the heel is but a simple art.  Once mastered ye will sock-veteran be and chuckle at how ye used to flee…  the ‘turning of the heel’ like it be the ‘taming of the shrew*’.” 

Never was any good at Shakespearean literature, better stick to my knitting.

*In case you were wondering, a shrew is… “A small mouse-like insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes; or an assertively aggressive woman.”  I hear they are both very difficult to tame.

Only 27 more knitting days until Valentine’s Day – still time to show your love!!!

Love is…  turning a heel for someone other than ye-self

Farewell thee loyal reader, until we knit again…

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


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