And the ribbon for perseverance goes to…


Sometimes you just need to give YOURSELF a pat on the back.

Yesterday I suggested to Pete that we run at Umstead Woods.  The trail is fairly long (it usually takes about 67 mins) but it’s a fun run with lots of great scenery and is often crowded with other walkers and runners, which I rather enjoy.

Now about 1/10th of the way (or not very far) into the run I was having second thoughts.  As in maybe this was a bit too much to do while still being a little sick.  The recent rains had turned it into more of a “muck” run than a nice trail and my legs were feeling heavy even without the weight of the mud.  Trying to remain cheerful, I soldiered on until it was apparent this was not going to be a good running day for me.  I had to stop twice on an uphill to catch what was left of my breath and walk for a bit.  Each time I thought about the Get Up and Win the Race short video and that seemed to do the trick – I was able to muster the energy to pick up my feet just enough to call it running.

Then about the 1/2 way point I started questioning why I was even running at all and an entry on my Bucket List flashed in my mind.  It reads, “complete a third Chicago Marathon”.  Now who the heck snuck THAT onto my Bucket List?  Surely it wasn’t me!  After all, 22 years, 3 kids and 2 really good cookbooks separate me from the last time I ran 26.2 miles.

Doubt was having its way with me BIG TIME.  

Two more stops on an uphill stretch during the second half of the run and I was struggling to keep my feet moving forward.  Get up and Win the Race.  Get up and Win the Race.  It became my mantra as I determined that no matter how slowly, I would keep moving forward.  By now Pete was quite a bit ahead as I had long since waved him on, encouraging him to finish fast (mainly so I didn’t have to hear the cheerful shout-outs of our elapsed time from someone who was clearly running effortlessly but kindly staying by my side).

Twelve more minutes, ten more minutes, 4 minutes and the end was in sight.

Thankful that the wet weather had kept the crowds low, my exhausted legs and lungs brought me lurching and heaving to the end of the run.  I sat heavily down on the sidewalk, arms above my head trying to regain my breathing composure and thought about how much I love the meaning of that famous poem, The Race

For winning is no more than this
To rise each time you fall

Think about the last time you persevered during tough times OR resolve to persevere the NEXT time you find yourself in that position!  And then give yourself a deserved pat on the back!

Time to go knit myself a ribbon 🙂

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


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