Be careful when knitting for someone you Love…

the results may not be what you expect!

“If you were ever dumped after knitting a guy a sweater, consider the possibility that the problem was with the sweater, not you. The recipient probably took one look at the thing, imagined a lifetime of having to pretend to like (and wear) this sweater and others of its like, and saw no choice but to flee into the night”
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks

Today, I looked at the stripes forming on the socks I’m knitting for Pete and paused…


Then I remembered, HE has been the one hounding me to knit him a pair of socks!  That and since we’ve been married for a good bit of time, I think it’s more likely he will dump the socks if he just can’t imagine a future pretending to like cute striped socks.

Then again if he LIKES the socks, it’s me who may be doomed to a future of knitting mens socks on tiny needles leaving no time for knitting coats, cardigans, pullovers, skirts, tunics, vests, hats, scarves, or shawls for me!


No Cheryl, it just wouldn’t be kind to intentionally knit some weirdness into Pete’s socks.  They’re a Valentine’s Day gift after all!  Yes, wait until you’re knitting some “just because” socks to add some wildness.  That should stave off the sock requests.

Back to the socks!!!

I am picking up the slipped stitches on the side of the heel flap, knitting into the back of the stitch to twist the stitch and thus prevent holes….


Voila, the side stitches are nice and tight…


Sock trivia… the average sock contains 17,000 stitches, times 2 = 34,000 teeny tiny stitches.  THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE!

21 days until Valentine’s Day – that’s still 3 WEEKS of knitting time – Go for it!!!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


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