Do these stripes…

make my fingers look fat?


I know what you’re all thinking.  I need to get out more.

But seriously now, I’m having some funny thoughts about these stripes, as in…  I can’t wait to see the expression on Pete’s face when he opens his Valentine’s Day gift from me and it’s the pair of socks he’s been hounding me to knit, but they are…


in a BIG



Note to self:  Have camera battery charged and media card empty, I am going to want to capture this on film for sure 🙂

Funny, but I suddenly have a renewed interest in finishing up these socks lickity split!

Here is the heel gusset started…


And a closeup of the heel gusset – the stripes have turned the corner :-)…


Reminder for those of you knitting for Valentine’s Day…

20 days to knit some WILD STRIPED socks for the one you love 

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥


7 responses

  1. You crack me up….. I think your hubby will appreciate the love you knit into each stitch even if he decides to only wear them at home while you are both snuggled by the fire an d his tootsies are nice and warm. He will wear them! How are you knitting them without him noticing?

    1. i think he will too, but the stripes are sure making for some fun posts. i have been “sneak” knitting them anytime he is not around. It’s meant I’ve had to knit in bursts, but I am also off work next week for a couple days studying for a certification, so I will be putting in some power sessions then as well.

      1. Happy Knitting! Please post a photo of him when he opens the socks and when he is wearing them! You could make a creative card that says “Now we are really sole mates knit together for all eternity!”

      2. Will do – that’s a great idea!

  2. Welcome to WWWW. I took knitting lessons for a while but never mastered socks. I never crossed the mitten line…instead I wrote poem. After reading your post, I want to knit Wild Striped Socks.

    Knitting Class
    (My Heart Unto Yours is Knit)

    If you ask me
    how my knitting classes are going
    I’d say that I like the orderly progression of the stitches,
    each row of loops on the needle,
    posed like a chorus line facing left.
    I love to slide my fingers over the alpaca,
    to feel the rhythm that builds with needles and yarn.
    I am mesmerized by the subtle dance of knit and purl,
    the growing weight of the piece as it shifts on my lap.
    I clutch the bamboo needles
    like a Newfoundland trucker who knits while he drives.
    My hands explore new territory and acquire their own memory.
    I work the fibers of Incan royalty
    and the stitches leapfrog into stockinettes and ribs;
    slip, slip, knit, slip, slip, knit
    the thin wood pursuing strands of pistachio, poppy and purple.
    I start the hank with a long-tail cast on,
    then selvage the place where seams disappear.
    I want to knit one, purl one, laugh one.
    I want to make gloves that start with my fingers
    when I lift the strand between the needles
    and embrace yours when you split wood beside the barn.

  3. i love this color combo. very nice. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Just not sure Pete will feel the same – I will find out soon 🙂

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