Happy February Everyone

Welcome to a new month of goals!

For 2013 I decided to change things up and make new “resolutions” EACH MONTH.

I will set lofty goals to get the adrenaline flowing and excitement building but if I don’t complete each one by the end of the month, I’ll simply remind myself that it’s good to…

“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.” –Les Brown

…and then I’ll re-write my list and try again next month, dreaming BIG all the way.

So, here’s how I did with my January goals…

  • Blog every day  – I came close with 26 posts / I’m calling this one a success
  • Include more pictures – I definitely made progress here/ But I’ll keep it for Feb too
  • Schedule first Knitting Marathon of the year – done! / Next Marathon:  Feb 10 & 11
  • Finish 2 WiPs – PROGRESS but no FO’s / You know which 2 I hope to finish in Feb!
  • Design a pillow & publish on Ravelry – didn’t get past the start of my design swatch / Yes, this one carries over to Feb as well

And my February goals are…

  • Include more pictures in my posts – because pictures tell a great story!
  • Finish 2 projects – hopefully by Feb 14th ♥
  • Publish my pillow on Ravelry – already in progress, I need to take it to the finish line.
  • Update my works-in-progress page – it is SO out of date!!!
  • Start sketching for a 2nd design – not sure WHAT it will be, but I hope to get it sketched anyway 🙂

There you have it – 5 Shoot for the Moon knitting/blogging goals for this month.  Time to get to work!!!

To all you Goal-Setters out there…

Shoot for the Moon!  Make it happen in February!!!

If you have another minute and 4 seconds, I want to leave you with a video I found on the blog… Retired Ruth – Life in the 50’s & Beyond

It’s titled Find Your Puddle and it sure made me smile 🙂


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