FEB 2013 Knitting Marathon to begin… @ 6:00pm EST

…Please Join Me!

I will be knitting for 26.2 “mostly continuous” hours (this evening through tomorrow evening) taking breaks to sleep, eat and post.  Check out January’s Marathon Recap for a typical breakdown of how my hours are spent!

Marcy of the Marcaritaville Blog has already started knitting for the day!  Check out her one month no-spend challenge as well!  And I’m hoping AndreSue will be joining us too!

So, I have my Valentine’s Day works-in-progress all ready to go.

I have cast on the second of Pete’s Striped Socks…


A little less than 17,000 teeny tiny sock stitches to go 🙂

And here is the front of my Valentine’s Day sweater with, YIKES, only 4 days to finish…


I was hoping to have the front bound off by the start of this Marathon, but well, LIFE HAPPENS!!!

And if I need a break from those, I have 2 more projects ready to go…

Feb Marathon Backup WiPs

…so there you have it – THE STARTING LINEUP!



5 responses

  1. Yahoo! Looks like you can make some good progress on those socks tonight! Mindless round and round… you could even watch a movie! As of right now I have finished the 4 scarves, and the front of KEvin’s Sweater (the back was already done). I am now working on sleeve #1, and am 5″ out of 22″ up the first one. Can’t wait to see your progress!

    1. WooHoo – that is awesome!!! And you’re right about the mindless round and round 🙂 at least the progression of the stripes keeps things somewhat interesting! Will Kevin be wearing his sweater come Valentines Day???

      1. You know, I had wanted to say I was going to get it done by Valentine’s, but then it was going so slow. I guess we’ll see how much I get done tomorrow before I commit :)… I am done knitting for the day, and am now going to pick up my crocheting.

  2. 🙂 I love it! I’m halfway through a pair of frustrating socks. I’m hoping to make some serious progress. I can’t wait to see your finished red sweater. It’s going to be beautiful.

    1. Thank you! And good luck with YOUR socks. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished pair!!!

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