February Knitting Marathon…


 6:33am – still working on my Valentine Day sweater


8:43amfirst break of the today to take care of some business

Slow-going on the sweater front, just 2 more inches knit, but I am ALMOST at the armholes…

ValentineSweater ProgressFront5

And the stripes aren’t striping as fast as I would like (perhaps boredom with going round and round and round?) …

2ndSock Progress1

Or perhaps because I am knitting with needles the size of toothpicks??? 🙂 

Ahhh… the things we do for Love ♥

Right now though, I am happy for knitting friends, because I’m remembering that one friend suggested I could gift one sock for Valentine’s Day and the second sock for his Birthday – Brilliant Idea that I may have to employ. 

Another friend was knitting a Christmas present which wasn’t quite done and she wrapped it anyway and then just took it back to finish!  We knitters are such a resourceful bunch!!!

8:55am – Taking a Valentine break to work on my light grey scarf!!!

Okay everyone Let’s KNIT KNIT KNIT some more!


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