My February Knitting Marathon…

is in the books!

At 8:35pm last night, when I put my needles away for the evening I was satisfied with my progress.  I am much farther along now than I would have been otherwise!

I finished out the marathon on my sweater since Pete was around all evening and his Valentine socks are supposed to be a surprise!  Won’t he be surprised when he gets 1-1/2 socks 🙂

So the Valentine’s Day gift socks will be wrapped up with 4 dbl-points sticking out of one sock – what a unique gift that is!

My cables & lace Valentine sweater back and front …

ValentineSweater ProgressFront6

I am just 2 rows away from the armholes and I am heading towards the neckline!

Lucky for my sweater…

Pete and I will be road tripping it this afternoon to see our son play baseball.  With a 2-hour drive ahead, I just may make it to the neckline by the 14th!  And, since we have scheduled our Valentine dinner for NEXT week, I may still be able to wear it for our celebration – SWEET!

Hope you had an awesome 2 days of Knitting – Join me next month for my March Knitting Marathon – date to be announced soon!


5 responses

  1. Congratulations on another Marathon! And 1.687 socks completed! (Is one of Pete’s feet shorter than the other? That would be SO helpful!)

  2. Ha… I think the second sock is more like .334 of the way completed. 🙂 Tried to measure his feet last night, but no luck – I think they may both be the same length, no help there, but thank you for the great idea!!!

  3. Your sweater is looking GORGEOUS! And, I love it: “So the Valentine’s Day gift socks will be wrapped up with 4 dbl-points sticking out of one sock” Made me choke on my coffee. 🙂

    1. Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing the expression on Pete’s face when he opens it. Now I’m kinda glad I didn’t finish 🙂

  4. So glad to hear you made such progress. You sure were busy! I hope you take a pic of you wearing your sweater when it is done. I always have such a hard time fitting sweaters. Any tips or tricks to recommend? I did make one cardigan a few years back- it had rows and rows of various colors. It did turn out nice, but is not fitted so it was fairly easy.

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