Valentine Sock and 1/3…

is unveiled!

It takes about 34,000 stitches to knit an average pair of socks – I made it to about 20,000 before I had to stop and wrap!!!

Hmm, what’s this?  …

Sock Unveiling1

Is it a book? …

Sock Unveiling2

No wait, it’s a “finish it yourself” pair of socks …

Sock Unveiling3

At least one foot will stay warm …

Sock Unveiling5

Will he be wearing the second sock before the weather turns warm???




7 responses

  1. That’s hilarious! 🙂 The one finished sock looks like it fits really well.

    1. It does – that was the one saving grace – at least the one sock fit! 🙂

  2. If the second sock is as good as the first, Pete won’t want to wear shoes. Great work!

    1. Aw, you’re so nice to say that 🙂

  3. So glad to see he is wearing his sock – soon to be socks! I know he appreciates all of the stitches and love you poured into this project for him.

  4. Hey there – just checking in on you. Miss reading your posts. How is Hubby enjoying the socks? Did you finish the Valentines Sweater – I would love to see a photo of the finished sweater. I am working on a crochet sweater that I am not sure I am liking but I am going to keep going and see.

    1. Thanks for checking in! I had been interviewing for a new job and it has taken me away from my blog for a bit 😦 I do hope to post an update later today! Pete is really enjoying his ugly striped socks 🙂 but I have yet to finish MY valentine gift. Oh well, it may have to be for next year.
      Thanks for your encouragement!!!

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