Impromptu Knitting 10k – Update #2

Over 2 hours in!

And would you believe I’ve already finished my vest?  Good, I didn’t think so! Boy an hour seems like so much time, but when you start knitting away, all of a sudden 60 minutes are gone and it just doesn’t look like much has happened 🙂  Well, all knitters know the enjoyment is in the journey; after all if I wanted a sweater to wear tonight, I would be at the mall shopping!!!

Here’s where I’m at…

The Cicada vest from Vest Bets – yep, same pic as last time, didn’t work on this one…


Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston – Little Wave pattern is starting to emerge…

For this pattern, the entire body is worked at once so every row is a big investment! The beauty of it is that once I’m done knitting there won’t be any side seams to finish! Loving how this pattern is starting to develop.

Ok, time to get back to the knitting… Let’s do this!!!


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