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Valentine Sock and 1/3…

is unveiled!

It takes about 34,000 stitches to knit an average pair of socks – I made it to about 20,000 before I had to stop and wrap!!!

Hmm, what’s this?  …

Sock Unveiling1

Is it a book? …

Sock Unveiling2

No wait, it’s a “finish it yourself” pair of socks …

Sock Unveiling3

At least one foot will stay warm …

Sock Unveiling5

Will he be wearing the second sock before the weather turns warm???




February 2013 Marathon Recap…

Or just how much knitting got knit?

The results are in and here’s how my time was spent…

  • Knitting – 13 hours and 12 minutes
  • Sleeping ~ 6-1/2 hours (somehow I can’t seem to get it under 6 – knitting CAN be exhausting!)
  • Eating ~ 2-1/2 hours
  • Taking pictures, posting updates ~ 2-1/2 hours
  • Other ~ 1-1/2 hours (you don’t want the details, trust me)

Check out fellow bloggers…  At Margareta’s Haus and Not Your Average Zoe – I noticed they were knitting up a storm as well!  I love the mini-chevron blanket that Zoe was working on and Margareta definitely had me beat with her production of 2 skirts and the beginnings of a baby sweater!

This month I knit more hours than the total of everything else:  13.2 hours knitting / 13 hours doing other.  In March I am going to really try to up the hours of ACTUAL knitting!!!  Ideas???

Lessons Learned…

  • Knitting something that is to be a surprise?  Schedule activities for that person so they won’t be hanging around impeding progress!
  • Decide from the beginning that you will be okay with slow-going if you work with teeny tiny needles!
  • Be ready to RIP if necessary and don’t waste time wallowing in self-knitty-pity.

Revelations Revealed and Resolutions made…

  • The break in my yarn won’t be noticed until I am 3/4 of the way across a really complex cable and lace row.   Resolution:  Don’t waste time, just “tink” it and get over it.
  • I WILL make a grand statement that I will be wearing a finished knitted item by the end of the Marathon JUST BEFORE I do the math and realize I couldn’t possibly finish even if I had 4 hands to knit with and twice as much time. 🙂  Resolution:  Don’t whine, just keep knitting until the end, I’ll be much farther along than when I started!
  • I WILL find all sorts of reasons to knit for myself rather than someone else.  Resolution:  Banish the quilt and knit on!

JOIN ME for my next Marathon which will begin Friday, March 8th at 7pm EST and run through 9:32pm on Saturday, March 9th.  This will be a ROAD-TRIP marathon for me, so I am excited to see how it will work out!

♥ How did your Valentine knitting projects end up? ♥

Valentine Knitting Updates…

Will I finish the socks?  Will I finish the sweater?

I am determined to find a way to answer Yes to both!

Over the weekend I did my grocery shopping and meal-planning for the week so I am in good shape there.  Cleaning is in check and my evening commitments are minimal.  I will be studying by day with all breaks spent knitting.  By the start of my February Knitting Marathon on Sunday afternoon, I’m hoping my project status will be…

  • Pete’s socksready to turn the heel on the second sock
  • My Valentine sweater front finished and 2 sleeves cast on

First sock with the toe ready to be seamed using the Kitchener Stitch


Voila, the first sock is done…


And the front of my cables & lace  Valentine sweater is progressing nicely…


Short posts this week – gotta stay focused!!!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Apparently cats aren’t that into blogging.

How was I to know???

All week while I thought my progress was being posted, my guest blogger…


 Was either asleep on the job, or…



I am happy to report though that progress WAS MADE on both Pete’s socks and my Valentine’s Day sweater.

Close to finishing sock #1 – getting ready to start the toe!


And here is the front of my Valentine’s Day sweater catching up to the back!  I will focus on this project over the weekend while Pete is around 🙂


So here we are in February!  Just 12 days til Valentine’s Day – if you haven’t started knitting for your LOVE, you may want to think about other options.  Here’s some advice from the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee)…

“When confronted with a birthday [or Valentine’s Day] in a week I will remember that a book can be a really good present, too.”
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

If you still think you have the time and you want to show your kitty how much you care, try knitting her/him some fish* …


Despite the fact that she fell asleep on the job, I may knit up one of these for Custer!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting (or book browsing) to ALL ♥

*Opens a link to the Ravelry project page with a free PDF pattern for the cute knitted fishies. 

Studying, knitting and welcoming…

my guest blogger for the week!

I am pleased and excited to introduce you to…

My cat Custer who will be taking over writing duties for the week.  I think she will do great and I’m anxious to get your reactions to her guest posts.



So what do I think of the striped socks Cheryl is knitting?


Let’s just say I’m glad they’re not for me.  My human, Pete is a pretty easy going guy though.  I think he will take those socks right in stride.  Now whether he will wear them outside of the house… that may be open for debate.

Alright now, back to my day job…


Valentine’s Day is just 18  days away – why not knit something special* for the feline in your life!!!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

*Opens a link to the PawsitiveKnits.Wordpress blog (Dublin SPCA) with a PDF pattern for a knitted mouse. 

Dear red sweater of mine…

will you be my Valentine?

I’m hoping the answer will be yes and I will be wearing my Cables & Lace sweater on February 14th, but looking at the calendar I see that there are only 18 days left!!!

While that SEEMS like a long time, I took a quick look at my schedule and available knitting time on those 18 days looks a bit scarce.  I will be at home a few days next week studying for a certification, but the keys words there are “studying”.  And any study breaks will have to be spent knitting Pete’s socks since those are supposed to be a surprise.

Bottom line:  Something else is gonna have to give!

  • Grocery shopping – we have food in the pantry and I see nothing wrong with cereal for dinner!  No shopping = 2 extra knitting hours next week.
  • Cleaning – this chore is already overdue, I might as well let the dust accumulate and get it all at once right?  No cleaning = 3 more hours of knitting.
  • Cooking – allowing Pete to experience the pleasure of cooking should free up about 5 hours next week.  But wait, our agreement is whoever cooks the other cleans up, so I’ll need to add back about 15 minutes per night.  After doing the math, that’s an extra 3 hours 45 minutes.
  • Sleeping – Not Negotiable!  If I don’t get enough sleep I’ll end up ripping more than usual.  No time gained here.
  • Blogging – I have lined up a guest blogger for next week, stop back tomorrow to meet her.  I think you will enjoy her fresh take on things.   Guest blogger adds 5 hours to my knitting time next week.

Things are looking up!  I just may be able to get both Pete’s socks AND my sweater done by the 14th.

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Do these stripes…

make my fingers look fat?


I know what you’re all thinking.  I need to get out more.

But seriously now, I’m having some funny thoughts about these stripes, as in…  I can’t wait to see the expression on Pete’s face when he opens his Valentine’s Day gift from me and it’s the pair of socks he’s been hounding me to knit, but they are…


in a BIG



Note to self:  Have camera battery charged and media card empty, I am going to want to capture this on film for sure 🙂

Funny, but I suddenly have a renewed interest in finishing up these socks lickity split!

Here is the heel gusset started…


And a closeup of the heel gusset – the stripes have turned the corner :-)…


Reminder for those of you knitting for Valentine’s Day…

20 days to knit some WILD STRIPED socks for the one you love 

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Be careful when knitting for someone you Love…

the results may not be what you expect!

“If you were ever dumped after knitting a guy a sweater, consider the possibility that the problem was with the sweater, not you. The recipient probably took one look at the thing, imagined a lifetime of having to pretend to like (and wear) this sweater and others of its like, and saw no choice but to flee into the night”
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks

Today, I looked at the stripes forming on the socks I’m knitting for Pete and paused…


Then I remembered, HE has been the one hounding me to knit him a pair of socks!  That and since we’ve been married for a good bit of time, I think it’s more likely he will dump the socks if he just can’t imagine a future pretending to like cute striped socks.

Then again if he LIKES the socks, it’s me who may be doomed to a future of knitting mens socks on tiny needles leaving no time for knitting coats, cardigans, pullovers, skirts, tunics, vests, hats, scarves, or shawls for me!


No Cheryl, it just wouldn’t be kind to intentionally knit some weirdness into Pete’s socks.  They’re a Valentine’s Day gift after all!  Yes, wait until you’re knitting some “just because” socks to add some wildness.  That should stave off the sock requests.

Back to the socks!!!

I am picking up the slipped stitches on the side of the heel flap, knitting into the back of the stitch to twist the stitch and thus prevent holes….


Voila, the side stitches are nice and tight…


Sock trivia… the average sock contains 17,000 stitches, times 2 = 34,000 teeny tiny stitches.  THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE!

21 days until Valentine’s Day – that’s still 3 WEEKS of knitting time – Go for it!!!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

love, Love, LOVE…

this Valentine Sweater of Mine

I set aside Pete’s socks for the last couple days and picked up the Cables and Lace Filati sweater that I am knitting “pour Moi”.

The yarn is a hand-dyed, worsted weight, 100% merino called “Gather”.  It was created by Downtown Knits in Apex, NC.  I really like the way it knits up – it’s “soft and springy” and I think the cables and lace really show off the way that it is softly variegated.   Every time I go back to knitting this sweater I think, “I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR IT!”

Hurry Hurry Hurry – Knit Knit Knit – PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE (is NOT my strong suit)

The size 6 & 7 needles felt like timber posts compared to the zeroes I’ve been using for the socks.  It’s always nice to change things up a bit.

Here is my lovely red sweater back all bound off and waiting…


To be matched up with it’s lovely front that was cast on…


And ribbed while biking  (hey if you only have time to knit or exercise, I say why not do both!)


Do you see the extra ends at the left?  Stationery bike accident.  I let my feed yarn hang a little too close to the pedals.  You can probably figure out what happened. 🙂

Ribbing finished, changed to the larger circs for the main pattern (Ah, that’s better – a little more room on the needles)


Then knit some more…


Well now, that is a good bit of progress!

With Valentine’s Day just 22 days away, you better get your gift knitting in gear!  Especially if you’re knitting for your special someone AND yourself!!!

Does anyone remember what movie this line is from…  Love means never having to say you’re sorry ?

If you guessed it, we were probably born in the same decade 🙂

I am definitely NOT sorry I spent the last three days’ entire knitting allotment on my Valentines Sweater – back to Pete’s socks tomorrow I promise!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Three Clay Leaves…

She sits at her faded mahogany desk hunched over her laptop, knowing her neck will ache again that night, but she is determined to stay put until the words come.  The room is dark, the wood blinds drawn shut against the midday sun, but the computer screen shines bright and the cursor blinks silently on a blank page.  Searching for inspiration, her eyes roam the top of the mismatched white desk organizer that spans the length of the desk.  At one end sit two button-filled glass jars with a collection of wooden and colorful metal knitting needles.  A small oval Paris postcard plate (someday she’ll go she’s promised herself) is layered in front of pictures filled with memories of days well spent.  Three dark-haired boys smile back at her from silver frames, each of them dressed in shirt and tie for their Senior high school pictures.  Her husband’s smile radiates from the biggest frame.  He looks so dapper in his black tuxedo though the bow-tie is crooked.  A wedding day photo taken so long ago… yet the smile is the same today.  Inspiring quotes are displayed on plaques and there are paperweights painted silver and inscribed with words she never tires of reading… “The journey is the reward” and other such sayings.  In the middle sits a rattan catchall box from whose metal latch hangs 2 miniature knitted sweaters.  Loads of inspiration – yet the cursor still blinks on a blank page.

She stretches her arms, rolls her shoulders and bends her neck from side to side knowing she could get up and be done with this silly exercise, but stubbornness wills her to stay put.  She takes in the old London Tea tin on her desk filled with an assortment of colored sketching pencils.  “A quick drawing session might help generate some ideas” she muses.  Resisting the pull of procrastination, she sits forward and rests her chin in her palm, while her gaze continues to wander.  A Canon EOS camera with its unused strap curled by its side is tethered to the laptop by a USB cord, a reminder that she must upload her latest photos.  “Hands on the keyboard”, she commands herself.   A lean-to black bookshelf to her left holds magazines of all colors, sizes and titles.  They crowd the bottom shelf while a box painted with a French café scene sits serene and alone on the shelf above.  One of her favorite works-in-progress hides inside and silently calls out to tempt her.  The desire to take a quick break is strong, but once again she resists though this time with a bit less resolve.  The lure of a knitting project is almost always too much for her.  For diversion, she checks the sterile white sticky notes lining the front of the desk hutch.  They hold random clues to what had been done the week before or what household chores need to be attended to in between writing sessions, nothing of value right now.

Swiveling round in her spindle-back chair with its torn green cushion, she spots the tall clear vase holding one lone brilliant purple skein of yarn.  It sits in prominence on top of the second bookshelf in the room.  This bookshelf is one of those assembly-required ones trying to look more upscale by virtue of some tacked on molding at the top.  Two more project boxes, myriads of craft magazines and knitting design books are stuffed within its confines, requiring periodic checks to be sure the whole thing doesn’t collapse under the weight.  Her eyes travel back upwards and come to rest on the blue-green glazed clay leaves that hang upon the wall.  Her boys, now all grown were so proud of their work she had immediately framed each of their leaves in shadow boxes of white wood with glass fronts.  The uniqueness of each is reflected in the leaves.  She thinks back to the time of their childhood.  A tear forms and slides silently down her cheek.  Slowly she twists her chair back to face her laptop, rests her fingers lightly on the keys and starts to type.

I wrote the above post in response to this week’s writing challenge on WordPress.  The challenge was to… “Take any person, place, or event, and write three paragraphs describing your subject in great detail.”

The Daily Post Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details