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Valentine Sock and 1/3…

is unveiled!

It takes about 34,000 stitches to knit an average pair of socks – I made it to about 20,000 before I had to stop and wrap!!!

Hmm, what’s this?  …

Sock Unveiling1

Is it a book? …

Sock Unveiling2

No wait, it’s a “finish it yourself” pair of socks …

Sock Unveiling3

At least one foot will stay warm …

Sock Unveiling5

Will he be wearing the second sock before the weather turns warm???




February Knitting Marathon…

…approaches the 20 hour mark!

With only 6.2 hours remaining, I have revised my goals – JUST GET ME TO THE HEEL!!!

 1:03pm – giving my fingers a break from the tiny needles to get some nourishment – knitting can be exhausting 🙂

Just 2 more stripes and I begin the heel flap …

2ndSock Progress2

No time to waste, gotta keep KNITTING for my Valentine!!!

Valentine Knitting Updates…

Will I finish the socks?  Will I finish the sweater?

I am determined to find a way to answer Yes to both!

Over the weekend I did my grocery shopping and meal-planning for the week so I am in good shape there.  Cleaning is in check and my evening commitments are minimal.  I will be studying by day with all breaks spent knitting.  By the start of my February Knitting Marathon on Sunday afternoon, I’m hoping my project status will be…

  • Pete’s socksready to turn the heel on the second sock
  • My Valentine sweater front finished and 2 sleeves cast on

First sock with the toe ready to be seamed using the Kitchener Stitch


Voila, the first sock is done…


And the front of my cables & lace  Valentine sweater is progressing nicely…


Short posts this week – gotta stay focused!!!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Dear red sweater of mine…

will you be my Valentine?

I’m hoping the answer will be yes and I will be wearing my Cables & Lace sweater on February 14th, but looking at the calendar I see that there are only 18 days left!!!

While that SEEMS like a long time, I took a quick look at my schedule and available knitting time on those 18 days looks a bit scarce.  I will be at home a few days next week studying for a certification, but the keys words there are “studying”.  And any study breaks will have to be spent knitting Pete’s socks since those are supposed to be a surprise.

Bottom line:  Something else is gonna have to give!

  • Grocery shopping – we have food in the pantry and I see nothing wrong with cereal for dinner!  No shopping = 2 extra knitting hours next week.
  • Cleaning – this chore is already overdue, I might as well let the dust accumulate and get it all at once right?  No cleaning = 3 more hours of knitting.
  • Cooking – allowing Pete to experience the pleasure of cooking should free up about 5 hours next week.  But wait, our agreement is whoever cooks the other cleans up, so I’ll need to add back about 15 minutes per night.  After doing the math, that’s an extra 3 hours 45 minutes.
  • Sleeping – Not Negotiable!  If I don’t get enough sleep I’ll end up ripping more than usual.  No time gained here.
  • Blogging – I have lined up a guest blogger for next week, stop back tomorrow to meet her.  I think you will enjoy her fresh take on things.   Guest blogger adds 5 hours to my knitting time next week.

Things are looking up!  I just may be able to get both Pete’s socks AND my sweater done by the 14th.

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

love, Love, LOVE…

this Valentine Sweater of Mine

I set aside Pete’s socks for the last couple days and picked up the Cables and Lace Filati sweater that I am knitting “pour Moi”.

The yarn is a hand-dyed, worsted weight, 100% merino called “Gather”.  It was created by Downtown Knits in Apex, NC.  I really like the way it knits up – it’s “soft and springy” and I think the cables and lace really show off the way that it is softly variegated.   Every time I go back to knitting this sweater I think, “I CAN’T WAIT TO WEAR IT!”

Hurry Hurry Hurry – Knit Knit Knit – PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE (is NOT my strong suit)

The size 6 & 7 needles felt like timber posts compared to the zeroes I’ve been using for the socks.  It’s always nice to change things up a bit.

Here is my lovely red sweater back all bound off and waiting…


To be matched up with it’s lovely front that was cast on…


And ribbed while biking  (hey if you only have time to knit or exercise, I say why not do both!)


Do you see the extra ends at the left?  Stationery bike accident.  I let my feed yarn hang a little too close to the pedals.  You can probably figure out what happened. 🙂

Ribbing finished, changed to the larger circs for the main pattern (Ah, that’s better – a little more room on the needles)


Then knit some more…


Well now, that is a good bit of progress!

With Valentine’s Day just 22 days away, you better get your gift knitting in gear!  Especially if you’re knitting for your special someone AND yourself!!!

Does anyone remember what movie this line is from…  Love means never having to say you’re sorry ?

If you guessed it, we were probably born in the same decade 🙂

I am definitely NOT sorry I spent the last three days’ entire knitting allotment on my Valentines Sweater – back to Pete’s socks tomorrow I promise!

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

Love is spending your precious knitting time…

on someone other than yourself

Today, I continued to work on the Valentine socks for Pete. 

Here is the heel flap started…


Here it is ready to be turned…


And, here is the “turning of the heel” (see my techniques page for helpful sources, but the basic premise it that you start with the middle stitches of the heel, leaving X number of stitches on either side and as you knit back and forth, you either SSK or P2Tog with one of the side stitches until all side stitches are used up – if you follow your pattern step-by-step you will find yourself turning a heel in no time!) …


And the heel turn is complete…


“Go forth ye beginning knitter and tremble not, the turning of the heel is but a simple art.  Once mastered ye will sock-veteran be and chuckle at how ye used to flee…  the ‘turning of the heel’ like it be the ‘taming of the shrew*’.” 

Never was any good at Shakespearean literature, better stick to my knitting.

*In case you were wondering, a shrew is… “A small mouse-like insectivorous mammal with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes; or an assertively aggressive woman.”  I hear they are both very difficult to tame.

Only 27 more knitting days until Valentine’s Day – still time to show your love!!!

Love is…  turning a heel for someone other than ye-self

Farewell thee loyal reader, until we knit again…

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥

I ♥ being sick…

especially when I have a knitting deadline 

POOR ME – Too sick to work, I had to sit in bed ALL day with a cup of tea, honey and lemon to sooth my throat.  But since I was just “sitting there” I figured I might as well knit.  

Isn’t there a saying that goes, “knit a cold, starve a fever”?


While I wasn’t up to my usual knitting speed, it’s amazing how many teeny tiny sock rows can be knit in between coughing fits in an 8-hour day of illness…


BRING ON THE SICK DAYS – is this what they mean by LOVE SICK???

Because these socks are a surprise for Pete, I couldn’t measure his ankles (he’s a light sleeper), so I went with the very forgiving 2×2 rib pattern.  They should stretch nicely to fit, I HOPE.  Otherwise I’ll be running after my three boys with a measuring tape to see whose feet they’ll fit!


We’re down to 28 days until Valentine’s Day – if this cold hangs on, I just MAY be able to finish 2 socks for Pete.  Of course if I recover quickly I may have to use Laurie’s idea and give him 1 sock for Valentine’s Day and the second for his birthday! 

That’s it for now from this LOVE SICK knitter…

♥ Happy Valentine Knitting to ALL ♥