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Impromptu Knitting 10k – Update #3

Over halfway!!!

After knitting for more than 3 hours, I’m pleased to say I reached my goal of running through the first skein of Shelter for my Little Wave cardi.

Here’s what 1 skein knitted up looks like…

1 skein down and 7 to go, I’m 1/8 of the way there! Seven more days and I could be wearing a new sweater 🙂

Ok, back to the needles… Let’s do this!!!


Impromptu Knitting 10k – Update #2

Over 2 hours in!

And would you believe I’ve already finished my vest?  Good, I didn’t think so! Boy an hour seems like so much time, but when you start knitting away, all of a sudden 60 minutes are gone and it just doesn’t look like much has happened 🙂  Well, all knitters know the enjoyment is in the journey; after all if I wanted a sweater to wear tonight, I would be at the mall shopping!!!

Here’s where I’m at…

The Cicada vest from Vest Bets – yep, same pic as last time, didn’t work on this one…


Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston – Little Wave pattern is starting to emerge…

For this pattern, the entire body is worked at once so every row is a big investment! The beauty of it is that once I’m done knitting there won’t be any side seams to finish! Loving how this pattern is starting to develop.

Ok, time to get back to the knitting… Let’s do this!!!

Impromptu Knitting 10k – Update #1

First water break!

One hour in and there’s progress but not as much as I’d hoped.  It took a bit to get settled and in the groove, I think I’ll see more significant gains this next hour.

5.2 hours of continuous knitting to go and here’s where I’m at…

The Cicada vest from Vest Bets – armholes shaped…


Little Wave cardigan ny Gudrun Johnston – Little Wave pattern set…

Ok, time to get back to the knitting… Let’s do this!!!

My Impromptu Knitting 10k

is about to begin!

Yesterday evening, I realized I was going to have a full day available with no obligations other than to make progress on a couple of knitting projects.

So, why not have some fun and shoot for 6.2 hours of continuous knitting to see where it will take me! 


  • My 2 projects: Cicada vest from Vest Bets and Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston
  • I’ll keep you posted on the hour (kinda like a water station for runners)
  • Join me if you can and keep me updated with progress on your project

At the starting line, here’s where I am with Cicada …

And with Little Wave cardi…


Ok, time to get knitting… Let’s do this!!!

My February Knitting Marathon…

is in the books!

At 8:35pm last night, when I put my needles away for the evening I was satisfied with my progress.  I am much farther along now than I would have been otherwise!

I finished out the marathon on my sweater since Pete was around all evening and his Valentine socks are supposed to be a surprise!  Won’t he be surprised when he gets 1-1/2 socks 🙂

So the Valentine’s Day gift socks will be wrapped up with 4 dbl-points sticking out of one sock – what a unique gift that is!

My cables & lace Valentine sweater back and front …

ValentineSweater ProgressFront6

I am just 2 rows away from the armholes and I am heading towards the neckline!

Lucky for my sweater…

Pete and I will be road tripping it this afternoon to see our son play baseball.  With a 2-hour drive ahead, I just may make it to the neckline by the 14th!  And, since we have scheduled our Valentine dinner for NEXT week, I may still be able to wear it for our celebration – SWEET!

Hope you had an awesome 2 days of Knitting – Join me next month for my March Knitting Marathon – date to be announced soon!

As a matter of fact, I AM still Knitting…

…and knitting and knitting!

2:41pm – 5:28pm – knitting furiously on Pete’s second sock.

I’m not sure how many of the 17,000 stitches I have left, but it’s probably more than 10,000.

10,000 stitches left to go,

10,000 stitches to knit,

So many to go, so knit one row,

Only 9,912 more stitches to go!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gadget that counted your stitches automatically as you knit them – How fun would that be! 

Getting “flap happy” as I approach the point where I can start the heel flap …

2ndSock StartHeelFlap


5:55pm – taking a break to eat, gotta fuel the final push…

I’ll be back soon to run through the Finish Line!

February Knitting Marathon…

…approaches the 20 hour mark!

With only 6.2 hours remaining, I have revised my goals – JUST GET ME TO THE HEEL!!!

 1:03pm – giving my fingers a break from the tiny needles to get some nourishment – knitting can be exhausting 🙂

Just 2 more stripes and I begin the heel flap …

2ndSock Progress2

No time to waste, gotta keep KNITTING for my Valentine!!!

Still Knitting…

…and knitting and knitting!

 9:00am to 10:31am – I spent knitting on a backup project, my easy lacy rib scarf.

This scarf was a nice break and I really like the way it looks so different on each side.

Here is what I am calling the FRONT of my lacy rib scarf …

LacyRibScarf Front

And here is the back which looks more ribby than lacy …

LacyRibScarf Back

Ok, Cheryl – Time to get back to knitting for LOVE ♥

10:55am – picking up the teeny tiny needles to make a dent in those 17,000 stitches!!!

How are YOU doing on your knitting today?

February Knitting Marathon…


 6:33am – still working on my Valentine Day sweater


8:43amfirst break of the today to take care of some business

Slow-going on the sweater front, just 2 more inches knit, but I am ALMOST at the armholes…

ValentineSweater ProgressFront5

And the stripes aren’t striping as fast as I would like (perhaps boredom with going round and round and round?) …

2ndSock Progress1

Or perhaps because I am knitting with needles the size of toothpicks??? 🙂 

Ahhh… the things we do for Love ♥

Right now though, I am happy for knitting friends, because I’m remembering that one friend suggested I could gift one sock for Valentine’s Day and the second sock for his Birthday – Brilliant Idea that I may have to employ. 

Another friend was knitting a Christmas present which wasn’t quite done and she wrapped it anyway and then just took it back to finish!  We knitters are such a resourceful bunch!!!

8:55am – Taking a Valentine break to work on my light grey scarf!!!

Okay everyone Let’s KNIT KNIT KNIT some more!

It’s 8pm EST, and my February Knitting Marathon…

…is in full swing!

Here is how the starting lineup is progressing…

6:00pm – started on the second striped sock


8:23pm – first break (I went a little longer because… well I just started!

After about 2 hours of knitting the striped socks are boasting more stripes…

Second Sock Progress2

And my Valentine’s Day sweater front is getting CLOSE to armhole edges…

ValentineSweater ProgressFront4

8:35pm – Putting on the coffee!  Making it decaf…  early to bed / early to rise for what I hope will be a VERY PRODUCTIVE tomorrow!!!

For now, it’s time to KNIT KNIT KNIT some more!